Problem with Signature Spells

When picking signature spells as a sorcerer the UI shows me higher level spells than the selection I’m choosing (i.e. choosing for 2nd level signature spell getting options for 5th level spells) and if the number of spell choices are above the amount that can be displayed in a first column it never tries to load more (effectively meaning if you are trying to create a 10th level sorcerer it is impossible to choose 2nd or 3rd level signature spells). On top of all this, the search function in that pop-up doesn’t actually function and search the spells.

Thanks for reporting this! Our team will look into this. :slight_smile:

Could you share your character sheet here for us to see what’s happening on your end? To do that, click your character portrait on the sheet to open the sheet settings sidebar. Then scroll to the bottom of that sidebar to update your sheet settings to let anyone with a link view the sheet and then copy the link and paste it here.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Here you go :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Quick question for you: If you remove Dimension Door from that 2nd level signature slot, are you able to add it again, or is it no longer available to you?

It does appear to work now, though it would seem if you try to add spells from the “go to character sheet” link at the end of the character builder it does this weird thing that causes signature spells to appear incorrectly. I’ll have to try and recreate the sheet to see if I can get it to break again, haha.

Okay, thanks! Let me know if you see that happening again! :slight_smile: