Problems with the general display of the Webpage

Hi there,
I’ve purchased the Candela Obscura kit and until yesterday everything was fine, but today, when you consult the manual, everythings seems missligned with some charts over the others. In general term, everything is there, but it’s sitck to the left side of the page and it’s not nice to be consulted. Simply the display is not correctly shown.
Have you got any report about theses issues? Are you implementing anything that changed somehow the display?
Thanks in advance.

Thanks for checking in with us! We’re working to deploy an update today, and some things may be a little wonky in the process of that rollout. If something looks odd right now, you’re probably catching us in the middle of working on that page. I’d recommend checking back in a few minutes to see if we’ve finished work on that page.

I’ll post here once our updates are done for the day, if you’d prefer just to wait for the all clear. :slight_smile:

We’re done on our end, so you should be good to go now. :slight_smile:

Thanks. It’s true, now it works.