[Proffesional Storyteller] [Vampire the Masquerade 5e] [$15 A session]

Hey friends! :star2: Welcome to my TTRPG world! I’ve been rolling dice for a decade and now I’m stoked to invite you to join the fun. If you’re new or a seasoned player, this is the place for you!

Game Philosophy:
First rule – it’s all about YOU having a blast. Think of it like a comfy movie night where you kick back, relax, and enjoy the show. I keep groups small (5-6 players max) to keep things cozy and enjoyable. I will work on the story, talking with potential members, solve book issues, character creation, and you just bring your character.

World of darkness has been a passion of mine for almost 20 years now. Would really love to spread the joy to more players, feel free to sign up if only for a trial session to get your feet wet in the new system. Would love to take the time to show folks a new system.

Why Pay?
In this age of day it is difficult to not take 4-6 hours of a day to create high quality content for folks to consume. I never was one to make small games and encounters, i like creating a true performance that sucks people in for months. If the game isn’t good then people do not finish it. But building that takes time so i offer folks a ticket to my games.

It’s like booking a ticket to your favorite show. You pay for a consistent, worry-free experience. No-shows, poor manners, and chaos won’t ruin your game night. It’s your time to unwind, so let me handle the details.

Why Join?

No pressure, super beginner-friendly.
First session is totally free.
You pay to sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventure.
Small groups for a cozy, personalized experience.
Available Times:

Monday morning (11 AM-6 PM)
Tuesday night (9 PM-12 AM)
Wednesday morning/afternoons (11 AM-4 PM)
Thursday morning/afternoons (11 AM-5 PM)
Friday anytime
Saturday anytime
Sunday morning/afternoons (11 AM-6 PM)
Ready for an epic journey? DM me on Discord at #morddyn.