"Public" Characters + Campaigns

A bunch of us are starting up a new PF2E campaign and I’d hoped to use Demiplane for general campaign management, however so far as I can tell there is no way for a DM to see the characters associated with players at this time? So far I can’t seem to even find a mechanism to make PF2E characters “public” (like some similarly produced digital TTRPG toolsets do) so that my players can share their PCs with me.

I’ve seen it noted that exporting to a VTT is something on the long term roadmap, but I’m hoping there is a shorter roadmap for GMs to see characters in their campaign through the same tool suite.

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Found the ability to share a link + privacy settings per character, but it would be nice to have an ability to import these into a Group.

We plan to integrate the character tools and group functionality, but we are waiting until the tools have reached a place where they are ready for that kind of integration. We don’t want to connect things to an unfinished set of character tools and then find that we have to re-work the connection later to add something we missed.

We do have additional sheet sharing options planned, including editing privileges for the GM, which is something that I would expect to see before the tools leave beta testing.

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