Public Roadmap feedback

I know this gets asked a lot, but perhaps we can once again request a public roadmap. We understand not wanting to put in dates but a big thing to help sate curiosity will be a touchstone of a road map.

Examples of sorts for this would be how does their feedback. Using an upvote system that ties into their roadmap. Their feedback section people can upvote ideas, then that is used as the main form of feedback on where priorities can go next. Their roadmap consists of Planned>In Progress>Completed. There are no dates, but it helps alleviate posts like this from popping up as well as being a one stop link that staff can post to questions. Downside to upvote systems of course is that the top results get more visibility and thus are more likely to stay at the top.

Another example is how Arrowhead Studio for Helldivers gives updates. Whenever a release is made it follows sections of Change Overview>Changes/updates>Next work being done>List of things to do
Once again, they don’t put timeframes and there are even things that have been on the to do list since the beginning, but people ask about it a lot less since people see it is a known issue or known piece of feedback. One thing this group could do is order the lists according to feedback so the to do list items at the top are more likely to be worked on next while still respecting the dev team on making more nuanced decisions for priorities.

I’m getting people into Demiplane and some common questions come up where I say “They are working on it.” but I forget which post it was one, so having a single place to go to show the overview of what to look forward to will help out a lot.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.

We will keep them in mind if we decide to make any changes to how we communicate future-looking development.

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