Purchased Outlaws of Alkenstar but it is showing I need to pay another $1 for each

Not sure why I didn’t get the Outlaws of Alkenstar adventure path when I purchased it. It still shows that I need to make another purchase.

I went ahead and paid the 1 extra dollar for the first Alkenstar to try to see if it would work and 1 isn’t a lot of money… and it still didn’t work… and now it is asking for $4. Something is definitely borked. It keeps piling on the previous purchase bonuses but the price goes up. Btw… not upset. These things happen during early access.

Thanks for raising this issue, waeshael! We’re looking into it. Please reach out to our Support team regarding your secondary purchase.

Done. And although I haven’t heard back yet, it looks like the issue with it still requiring me to purchase is fixed.

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Glad to hear it! The issue should now be resolved for everyone. Thank you for the update!!


Same issue with Dark Archive. Says I have to buy it for $1.

That should be resolved as well, now.

Yes, it is working. Thanks!