Qs: How to Add Player to Party when I'm GM?

My daughter is super excited to start on her PF2e journey. Character sheets are being built and the cogs are starting to spin.

However… I’m going to be the GM and naturally my 9yr old daughter doesn’t have her own account (and probably shouldn’t at this age). I’ve created the character on my account and created a Group but I can’t see to find a way to add a GM controlled character to the Party.

Ideally… I’m just using the Party as a way to manage the creation of the group. So I can get all her friends creating accounts, able to see each others characters, ask any questions, etc.

Is this possible?

Great question! Characters tools have not been integrated into Groups at this time. That is a planned development down the road, that will likely come after the character tools are fully released and we have time to build them into an update to Groups functionality.

The group is still a great way to manage content sharing, but as of right now, the only way to share a character sheet with others is by sharing the link and updating the sheet share settings (which can be found in the character sheet settings menu by clicking the character’s portrait on the sheet). :slight_smile: