Question about PF2CHARACTERS Promo Code

Does this stack with the ultimate bundle 25% off discount?

I usually re purchase the ultimate bundle when new content is released and love the discount, and I have the paizo synced connect discount. I wasn’t sure if these stack with the current promo code PF2CHARACTERS that is on the home page for the remaster project source books. I added the promo code to my cart and went to checkout but didn’t see the prices adjust. Is that a thing or am I just wanting to save even more money for awesome books? I wanted to make sure before I purchased them.

You can only use this promo code on individual rulebooks, not any of the bundles (and not pre-orders). In this scenario, I think you’d likely still find that re-purchasing the Ultimate Bundle gives you the best price, but feel free to load your cart and apply that promo code to see the two prices side-by-side.

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Ok awesome will do, thank you!

Is the PF2CHARACTERS promo code good for multiple purchases during the promotional period or one and done per customer?
In other words, if I purchase one book today and use the discount code, can I purchase another book (or more) tomorrow and use the code again?

You can use it as many times as you want during the promotional period!