Question about translations

Hey there. I am about to run the Quickstart Adventure with a couple of my friends to determinate if this set of rules works with them or if they want to play by another rulebook. Since I am the GM of the party, I wanted to introduce them to Daggerheart because I like the Setting and Worldbuilding so far.

Now for the main topic:
I am currently busy translating the v1-2 Quickstart Adventure into german. Since I could not find any translations yet, I took up that burden myself.
Since I am unsure, wether I am able to translate some descriptions of names, regions etc. correctly, I am in need of some assistance to determine the accurate meaning behind a name, so I can translate into something equaly qualified.
For example: the Sablewood. Is this sable as in “black” or does it have another meaning? Because we have a forest called “Schwarwald”, which would be “Blackwood or Sablewood”. Could I and potential other translators use this thread to get some guidance?
Is it even allowed to do a fan translation and eventually publish it for others to play?
Thanks in advance!