Question about VTT support

While early, it will affect some people’s decisions. For VTT, will there be an export function? Perhaps an API or json export so that other VTTs could support an import (i.e. Foundry VTT).

Please let us know.


During the twitch stream, they talked about this a bit:

They danced around it a bit, but it definitely seemed like their focus right now is on the digital compendium, character development, and builders, etc. I think the key for them was “There are new VTTs every week”, which ain’t wrong.

It’s just about staying in their lane. We don’t even have a public character builder so to support that would be kind of nuts out of the gate.

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IMHO --Actually, determining a basic export dataset would be perfect to be discussed during Character builder app development.
It’s not Demiplane’s role to make an exporter for each VTT… No, just one export format (or API if they want to go that far), and let the individual VTTs or their community worry about the importing of the data set.


Don’t forget Roll20 as well!!



The number of VTTs on the market is irrelevant. The approach should not be to provide specific support for 3rd party products. Modern digital services provide an API, and leave it to developers to integrate and use the service through this managed interface.

is there a plan for DemiPlane API use, access and licensing?


An API is on the roadmap, yes. No other details are ready to be shared at this time, but I can confirm it is part of the long-term plan. Thanks!


This is good news, look forward to hearing more! :slight_smile:

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