Question for Mr. Bradford

So I want to preface this by saying I have little to no understanding of Adams job here at demiplane, however since they presumingly hired you for your experience with setting up and running D&D beyond I was wondering what are some things you’d like for demiplane to do differently then beyond anything from the micro to the macro.

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That’s a big question, but my past experiences have absolutely informed (and motivated me to pursue) providing high-quality digital tools for other games here at Demiplane.

The list would be long, but in a general sense, I have mentioned the biggest difference in approach has come in with how we are developing this solution as a flexible platform as opposed to a suite of tools that support a single game. We knew before we started that we would need to support not only Pathfinder’s huge scope of mechanics and optional rules, but also dozens of other game systems. In my past life, once that Cauldron book came out, it caused so many problems for our team because our framework was too “closed” and inflexible. We got to a point where we knew we wouldn’t be able to actually keep up with changes to the game without refactoring our entire infrastructure.

With what we’re doing with NEXUS, we are excited that we have reached a point where we can validate the framework is flexible enough to cover Pathfinder’s breadth, as well as all these other great games we’re bringing to the platform. Once we can focus on the next game to bring to life in our character tools past Pathfinder, we’ll be talking in units of weeks instead of months.

Again, many other learnings from past experience on my list, but that is a standout.