Question on DP Terms Recruit Interested vs Recruit Adventurers

Hey there!

I am not sure if this is the correct area to ask this but I’ve been super confused by the UI for Demiplane. I tried watching the walkthrough videos but something is just not clicking for me. It is absolutely a me issue but I’d still love guidance if possible!

So as a GM I set up my games and I turned on matchmaking. After doing so I see a bunch of ‘Interested Players’ that I can recruit. Does this mean that they have flagged themselves as wanting to play the same game I am running?

I tried adding those that seemed interested and then I saw an additional area for ‘Recruit adventurers’. I was confused because I already recruited a bunch of folks so I’m not sure what this additional selection process means.

I went ahead and toyed with it but nothing came of it. When I tried to recruit adventurers did it send them a notification that this happened and then it is up to them to do something to accept the game invite?

I’m also unsure as to what happens if they accept the invite.

I apologize again if these are super basic questions! I’ve tried for a couple of months to set up games and haven’t had any success so I wanted to ask for clarification so I can make sure it is a marketing issue and not a game setup/UI issue on my end. xD

Thanks for your time! Sorry for the hassle!

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Hi DeAngelo!

In both sections you are seeing players who have similar playstyle preferences, that our matchmaking algorithm thinks would be a great fit for your game. They have marked in their account settings that they’re willing to be recruited to new games within certain parameters (system, time of day, etc.), so when you added those people, they did get a notification in their account that a game that meets their criteria is now available.

Sometimes it takes a little time for folks to see those notifications and respond, but in the meantime we’ve seen folks have success posting in LFG sub-reddits or discord servers as they recruit players.

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Oh perfect!

Thank you for the information!

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