Questions about Things that Might be Missing from Pathfinder Compendium

I was looking over the Pathfinder Nexus compendium and I was wondering about some things that might be missing, although they might be somewhere I’m not looking. The biggest two are Artifacts and Deities. I expected to see Artifacts amongst the items but there isn’t a section for them. Are they in the compendium? I also expected Deities to be there since they essentially have their own stat blocks. Presumably the character builder draws from the compendium, so I would think those would be there in some way shape or form. Some lesser concerns that I didn’t notice that are available in compendiums like Archives of Nethys are sections for things like Skills and Traits that give you information on skill actions and traits. Those aren’t hugely important since they’ll be in the sourcebooks, but a way to quickly reference things like that might be helpful. Again, it’s also entirely possible I’m using it wrong. As stated in previous posts, I am blind and the accessibility of this site isn’t quite there yet. It’s also possible that the compendium doesn’t have everything in it that it’s going to yet.

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Great questions! Hopefully I can help with them.

First, you’ll be pleased to know that we do have some accessibility updates in the works to help optimize the site for screen readers. As you’re going through things, if you notice anything that could use a little extra love, please let us know so we can add it to our list!

You’re correct about Deities. We don’t currently have listings for them. Some things are still in flux while we’re in Early Access, and there are certainly some things on our list of “Wants” that we may not get to in the short-term while we focus on things like the character builder. Deities are one of those things that we’ve talked about, but haven’t done anything with yet. Artifacts do exist in the Items listing, but they’re easy to miss. If you do an advanced search using filters, you can find them by specifying the ‘Artifact’ trait. otherwise, they’re just shuffled in with all the other items. We don’t have all of them in there, since we haven’t finished working through all of the Adventure Paths yet, but every artifact that appears in a book we have on the NEXUS is listed there.

We don’t currently have any plans regarding skills and traits to my knowledge, but that’s an interesting use case that might be worth exploring as a resource for quick reference.

Thanks for the response. I figured the deities probably just weren’t added yet. As for the skills and traits and things like that, I was thinking on it more last night and for the purposes of this system it’s probably more important to be able to reference them in the character builder. Like if your weapon has a trait there could be a way to expand that trait and view what it means or something like that. You might have already thought of that lol but if not I think that would be super helpful. There are a lot of different traits and conditions and stuff to keep track of. If we need to access them for some other reason we can just pull them up in the Primer or in one of our sourcebooks.

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Hello, I will jump in here quickly to share that yes, artifacts are indeed available in the Items Listing, but since they are not a formal item category (instead artifacts can exist as any of the other item categories and are indicated by a trait), you can find them by searching for the trait as Josh referenced.

Regarding skills and traits (and actions and conditions), you are correct that we will have all of those in place and ready to go for the character builder, and the team has been entering all of the information for them in the last couple of weeks. Those will be introduced as their own listings as we finalize them for that purpose too.

Will be sharing more news on all of those friends very soon.


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