Really poor performance lately?

I am all-in on Demiplane for a bunch of different game systems! I wanted to bring up the fact that overall site performance (not just the character builder) seems to be even worse than it was (and it was never snappy) lately - it takes many, many seconds to simply open a piece of content on one of the various Nexuses (Marvel, Alien, PF2e, and Avatar).

I’ve tested this on multiple devices and internet connections, and am reasonably certain I’ve ruled out issues on my end. I’m hoping that this is due to growing pains / increased usage of the site. Are there any plans to scale resources or perform optimization passes on the site in order to address this at some point?


Hello, and thanks for posting.

We have several performance optimization passes planned for not too far out from now. We haven’t generally seen things with the site (outside of the character tools) being worse in our metrics / feedback, but it wouldn’t necessarily be a surprise in some places as the amount of content has grown.

Our focus has been making the things to begin, and as we get the core platform in place, we will take on a heavy optimization initiative. We’ve been growing grapes, but we’ll start squeezing grapes soon enough.




I’m using Hero Lab Online and Demiplane and Hero Lab is faster in all maner. I got all the books on both.

Hero Lab Online is way faster but Demiplane is way user friendly and has a better look.

It’s certainly the one reoccurring point of feedback I see in the socials. Outside of the “I refuse to buy content again” crowd… of those that are using the tool I regularly see “I like it, but it’s really slow to load currently”.

This is going to be the case with Pathfinder - it was the first thing we did and it needs some rework and optimization (which is getting underway soon).

For Avatar (and the soon-to-come Vampire and Marvel), the performance out of the gate will be in a good place.

Pathfinder will get there too before too much longer.

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