Red Hand of Doom [PF2e] [Paid] [LFP] [Weekly] [Friday] [CST]

Hearken unto me, my advents, O take heed, for the treacherous and alluring nature of adventure calls upon thy mettle and mortal ambitions once more, for “The Dice Gods” must be sated!

Ill-tided omens slither into the ears and hearts of denizens who call the harsh and bountiful frontier of Elsir Vale home. Death stalks the land as fanatical powers gather, seeking to please their dark god and elevate themselves to divine heights. Heroes gather, drawn together by fortune, ambition, destiny, redemption, or prophetic visions of destruction. Will they save Elsir Vale from the evil machinations of a hobgoblin horde, or damn it for all eternity to the rage and reign of dragons?

The realm’s prosperity rests upon the hands of this fated union.

About The Adventure:

  • RHOD is an adventure module initially for DND: 3.5. This game will take place in the world of Golarion. Elsir Vale will be a growing independent frontier built within the free nation of Nirmathas. A struggling country that freed itself from the grasp of the imperialistic nation of Molthune to the south, which continues to try to reclaim it, even to this day. The people of Nirmathas are proud of their freedom, liberty, and self-sufficiency and are continually on guard for incursions by their southern neighbor. But within the depths of their nation, a dark alliance is formed, seeking to take the realm and eventually the world.

What do the players do?:

  • RHOD involves players stopping a great evil that seeks to take Elsir Vale. The Lord of Scales and his lieutenants have planned long and hard on taking this realm and beyond. Monstrosities, fiends, abominations, and even legendary creatures of old have allied themselves with The Lord of Scale’s vision; out of survival, fear, or their own twisted ambitions. Exercise caution, advents; should your efforts to save the realm catch the eye of the raging warlord, The Lord of Scales will seek to match it with blade, spell, and bone.

[Players]: 2/5
[Time]: 2023-02-24T22:30:00Z
[Session]: Duration: 3~4 hours, Weekly
[Level and Character Options]: 2 [Ancestry Paragon and Free Archetype]
[System]: Pathfinder 2E
[Themes]: Escalating Stakes, Invasion, Heroic Battles.
[Setting]: Golarion: Age of Lost Omens - Eye of Dread, Nation of Nirmathas, 4722 AR
[Platform]: Foundry VTT, Discord-Voice.
[Cost]: $20 per session - (Session Zero Free)
[Requirements]: 18+, Forge VTT and StartPlaying accounts, PC/Computer, Microphone, Iron Will, and Heroic Mettle.

The Game

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