Release/launch schedule?

Looking forward to letting players take a look at the Tian-Xia Lost Omens book as we plan for our upcoming Season of Ghosts campaign… From before I have been wondering if there’s a place where I can check the date that pre-ordered resources will become available.

I don’t think Demiplane have a Release Schedule, so Paizo Official Release is most likely best place.

Yeah. I couldn’t find one, and that link only gives approximate dates. For the Lost Omens: Tian Xia World Guide for example, the release schedule says “in stock” which sounds like it should be available now… I know that before the Monster Core came open similar to the date that the physical books were arriving to people and when asked I got specific dates …

Paizo normally release their books on the final Wednesday on the month.


Good to know. Thanks!

Waiting for it too, the live stream earlier in the week did say the 24th. Demi seems to release it there but the paizo connect could take a couple of days to have the PDF show up on their site going off the last couple of releases I have pre-ordered.

Just piping in to confirm that for Pathfinder, we release books on the official street date. For this month’s releases, that means April 24th! (And as noted by artemisthemp, it’s usually the last Wednesday of the month!)

Paizo Connect gets turned “on” by our friends at Paizo on the street date as well, and can take up to 24 hours to fully connect between all synced platforms. Sometimes you can speed up this process by refreshing your sync manually.

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