Relics and Soul Seeds

So far I’m loving the character builder, and it gets faster and more reliable every time I check in on it. Something I’ve been wondering about, though, is whether there will be a system added to the character sheet to handle the addition of relics or soul seeds to characters/equipment. I like to give them out to players but no other character manager I’ve found supporst them, so they have to be added in as custom feats or notes. It would really put the demiplane character sheet on a shelf above the rest to have native support for this feature—at least for me personally.

There are so many fun item types with unique mechanics, like relics, soul seeds, or even our team-favourite: fulus! As we continue to develop the tool-set we would absolutely be aiming to better support these unique items, but I have nothing to share with you short-term beyond the knowledge that we absolutely want to. Thanks for the request!

It’s not the cheapest option, but Herolab does support relics.