Remaster program: GM core "free upgrade" isn't applied


First of all - thank you for the remaster program! I’ve been holding off on purchasing a few books to avoid needing to repurchase them later, so this is the perfect solution.

I just attempted to purchase the Game Mastery guide. I added both it and the GM core to my cart, but I’m seeing full price applied to both. Should the discount be active now?

i.e. how do I accomplish this?
“Future-proofed purchase: When you purchase the Gamemastery Guide, add GM Core to your cart to get it free”


I think I just answered my own question… for anyone else wondering this, the shopping cart shows the regularly priced items but the subtotal includes a discount (it’s just not called out as such, but applied to the subtotal). Reading is hard!


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Yes - I was coming here to share the info you came upon after another look.

Making the promotion work requires some configuration fiddling on our side, and the idea of “buy two books where one is free once you put them both into your cart” isn’t a very typical web cart experience, so we haven’t been able to optimize.

But we’re happy to provide the path to do it and thanks for taking the plunge!

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I am glad you made the remaster free, but a bit concerned about the people who bought the bundle of rulebooks which included the pre-orders. So I in good faith pre-purchased the remastered books, but now they are free? Doesn’t seem fair.

Howdy sfcranford! Please reach out to our Support team who’ll be happy to help you take advantage of the Remaster Project:

I’m having the same problem. Just bought the core rulebook and the remaster is priced at 34.99 all the way until the last click to pay. (same with the subtotal, no change at all).

Hi there, Ed_Voidster! To take advantage of the deal, you need to have both Core Rulebook and Player Core in your cart at the same time, which will make Player Core $0.00.

You can reach out to our Support team for assistance on taking advantage of this offer now that you already own the Core Rulebook. That’s at