Remaster Program

The Remaster Program page indicated that those who
already owned the Gamemastery Guide and the Core Rulebook would receive the GM Core and the Player Core upgrades for the remaster books. Just wondering when the codes would be sent out. My GM Core is available, but the Player Core is not, and I don’t see any email with a code to upgrade.

The codes should have been sent out when we announced the Remaster Program, and then any subsequent need for codes would need to go through support.

I saw your support ticket come through and just responded there. :slight_smile:

Hi, I just checked back in on demiplane after being offline for a while and realized that I had never gotten my remaster code is there anything that came done, thank you.

@forestshade89 You should open a support ticket, and I’m sure they’ll get you squared away.

Yes, send us a support ticket here:

We can get that sorted out pretty easily. :slight_smile: