Removing Feats

How do you deselect a feat? For some reason, it has Elemental Fist as a skill feat, and i want to remove it and select an actual skill feat.

Very frustrated.

Hi, could you provide a link to the character you’re experiencing this on? That’ll help us figure out what may be happening here. :smiling_face:

Thank you! Looks like you have Elemental Fist from your Level 2 skill feat, which may have been added by adjusting the filters in the builder. If you follow this path, you should be able to remove it and select a Level 2 Skill Feat:

  1. Open the character builder.
  2. Navigate to the “Class” section.
  3. Open up the Level 2 dropdown.
  4. Select “Skill Feat” from the options there.
  5. Click the cogwheel on the top right of the right-most pane, where you see the list of feats to choose from.
  6. Click “Reset Filters”, then click “Category” and deselect General Skill as the filter.
  7. Choose “Apply Filters”, and go back to the feat selection.
  8. Search “Elemental Fist” in the search there.
  9. Remove Elemental Fist.
  10. Re-open the cogwheel, and choose “Reset Filters” to take away any changes, which will ensure you’re only being shown skill feats for options. (You can change this at anytime by hitting the cogwheel to alter the filters, should you ever want to select outside of the standard rules!)

I hope that helps.

Thank you

Is there a way to filter out the feats that I dont have the pre reqs for?

There is not at this time, though we do know how valuable such a feature would be!