Rename Powers?

A feature I can see being beneficial is a means to rename the powers you pick up for any given character, for flavor purposes, For instance, being able to overwrite “Elemental Blast” into “Repulsor Blast”, while keeping the mechanical information of how the power works.

Thanks for the feedback! This sounds like something that might make sense for us to look at alongside homebrew functionality. :slight_smile:

Sounds great! Though, to clarify what I meant, I’ve taken a few screenshots from DnD Beyond that has a similar mechanic for items in your inventory:

The base item is a Longsword of Warning I had renamed to “Katana of Warning” for setting purposes.

The idea I had for this game is to make changes to the names of powers inside the character sheet itself, just as an override for that character specifically. I hope that clarifies my intentions.

Yep, we plan to add functionality like this in the future. :slight_smile: