Request for New Filter to Filter Out Content that is Not Owned

Hi all. So currently in a list of feats or spells, all of the options that are available in Demiplane are shown, regardless of where a person owns the source the options are in. This makes scrolling for spells in particular a tedious process, especially when you’re blind and you have to go through them one at a time. I would love to be able to filter all of these options out. Alternatively, I’ve noticed that when you’re choosing an anacestry or class, the ones you don’t have access to are moved to the bottom of the list. I would also be fine with this approach so you could still see the stuff you don’t have, but it’s not mixed in with all the stuff you do have.

We have discussed plans for filtering like this, and I believe it’s something that we plan to add in the future. :slight_smile:

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