Request: Hidden Curses and Scaleable Items

With magic items that are cursed and scaleable items such as Crit Role’s dormant/awakened/exalted versions of the same item, could they be seen by the GM in a campaign but not the players and allow one to upscale the item or reveal curse by GM instead of having multiple versions?

Giving the GM the option to reveal the curse, which may have phases to it as well, or upscale or downscale the magic items? Instead of the DDB levels just being pasted under the previous, a single description inclusive of total capabilities, curses, etc, thereby giving a value-added player/GM experience.

Consider a curse subtracting an ability score automatically, and the player then having to notice first, then determine why and how to remedy. Fantastic gameplay at analog table or even more automation in a VTT.

Gates would be at character creation of player or GM by campaign inclusion.