Request: Progressive Web App "Save to Homescreen" Prompt for the Nexus(es)

I know an app is not in the works for Pathfinder Nexus or any of the others. But would it be possible to set them up so browsers like Chrome and Firefox that recognize it can prompt users to save the page to their homescreen or desktop as a PWA app? I, for one, really prefer having a separate, dedicated PWA on my homescreen for the Pathfinder Nexus, but having it with a full icon would be a nice way to split the difference between a native app and the PWA. For comparison, see the screenshot below: TheCrawler icon is a PWA from their site (that prompts users when they navigate there to save it to their homescreen) versus the same function with the PF2 Nexus.

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Seconded …

Agreed! This would be awesome!