Rewarding magic items

I am about to start the “Season of Ghosts” campaign and purchased a copy of the first volume on Demiplane. I intend to also use Demiplane’s character tools for the player characters and I was wondering how rewarding magic items works for other people’s characters,

I have a good trove of books that I have purchased on Demiplane, and a subscription but my players do not. So, I was wondering, as we venture into Tian Xia, how would I get the magic items from the adventure path to my player’s character sheets on Demiplane.

Will it be enough to enable content sharing with the players to make those items available or is there any other way to make this possible on Demiplane?

If you are sharing your content with your players, they will have access to everything from every book you own. If you want to give them an item from one of your books, you can just tell them the name of the item and they’ll be able to add it to their sheet. :slight_smile:

Eventually, it will be possible for you to add it to their sheet for them, but that won’t be until our Groups rework that we expect to start later this year.