Roll20 Compatibility

So as I understand it, Demiplane doesn’t currently have any plans to offer VTT features like battle maps and other similar themes. I saw somewhere that maybe compatibility with Foundry was something that might happen so Demiplane’s character tools could be used with a VTT. I was wondering if anything similar is being considered for Roll20? As a blind gamer, I have found Roll20 to work the best with screen readers, though no VTT that I’ve tried has worked well. Is there any possibility of a browser extention that might allow some kind of compatibility between the character tools and Roll20? My sighted gaming group likes to use it for battle maps and such, but the Pathfinder Nexus alpha tools are going to be infinitely superior to Roll20s current Pathfinder support once they’re finished, so I’d definitely prefer using them lol.

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Thanks for posting and the question.

We are not ready to share any actual details about how the “compatibility” would work or what it would mean, but I’ve stated in other places that we are interested in it happening.

When the time comes, it makes all the sense in the world for us to provide a means for that integration (whatever it ends up being depending on what we think works the best for fans) for multiple VTTs, because we know that groups out there love wondrous variety.

More as we have it, but unless something drastically changes, I imagine Roll20 would be included in that list.



Let us hope so as there are quite a few PF II and Starfinder games being run over there still :slight_smile: