RPG Superstars

Hi everyone!
As of today, Roll for Combat’s RPG superstars contest is live. It is a Pathfinder 2e monster creation contest where you might get your homebrew creature published. I am leaving the link here in case anyone would be interested in participating. Hopefully this will mean that some people who would not know of the contest otherwise will get a chance of participating. I will be submitting a couple creatures myself!


I am certainly not a master at it, just beginning to make such monsters, and I am very interested to see the work of others, thank you.

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I’m seeing if we can’t do earth ponies, unicorn ponies, and pegasus ponies right rather than how they ended up in ponyfinder.

I’m stuck because of 3 reasons.

  1. What are you supposed to fill in the saves section?
  2. Where is there a list of all senses that a creature might have in Pathfinder 2e?
  3. Where to post the cutie mark rules to indicate that all 3 entries that I’m using refer to the same rules to cutie marks rather than have to have them on the creature sheet like so: Superstar! (rpgsuperstar.com)? That way others can use the rules and the rules for cutie marks don’t count against the word count when the Visible Cutie Mark ability and its description should. Besides, I feel like they would be called something else there.

hey invinible,
I’ll try to answer those.

  1. the saves section covers especial bonuses to saves. For example, if the creature had a bonus for saves against getting knocked prone, you would specify that there.
  2. There is none since you can make up your own senses. For example, Metal Attunement (45 ft.) the creature can sense the presence of metal. This is an imprecise sense.
  3. You will probably not like my answer for this one but you cannot reference rules other than those in the pathfinder reference document. As such, even if you publish the rule elsewhere, you would still have to rewrite it for the entry instead of referencing it. And yes, I would rename it, IDK if cutie mark is copywritten or not but I would not risk it.

Would Talent Branding be a name that ponies of the Pathfinder worlds would have come up with for the name of cutie marks in their respective worlds?

Yeah, I think Talent Branding could work. Or Talent Manifestation. Talent Tattoo if you like aliteration, although I know it is not really a tattoo.

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