Safety Tool Deck of Cards is a blank screen

All that is shown upon clicking Unlock & Reveal is a blank screen ?!?

Hello, and thanks for posting.

That would mean that you are in the GM view and no one else has submitted cards yet.

You can unlock the session with the button in the bottom right, wait for players to submit their cards, and then re-lock when they’re done.

You’ll then see any cards they have submitted.

Slightly confused but Thank you, I@ll have another look at this tomorrow.

Is there a way of my seeing all cards digitally for reference before & during a wider Session Zero process please?


The intent of the deck is to be a simple transactional way for a GM to send a link and have players choose. Since we don’t require a login, we have to use the idea that whoever started the session is the GM.

You can see the player side of things by either going to the deck in an incognito window and grabbing the link to share with yourself there (the best way to be able to see the whole process), or if you just want to see the list of cards you can see them from one of our sessions: