Sage Domain Death Grip

I have noticed that the Sage Domain - Death Grip card (lvl 4 card option) has no range limit stated on it?

This basically mean that you can pull enemies (without repetition constrains) from the “very far” range all the way to melee while dealing 3d6 dmg to anyone in the way or lock them in place while moving to or away from the target - I hope it ain’t by design.

Thought it might be much to take a full survey just to bring this up and couldn’t find anywhere else more fitting for this.
If there is somewhere better to give this feedback at, please do tell.

The best place for feedback like this would be in the survey or the feedback tab on our character sheets. You’re welcome to talk about the game here, but nothing from our forums will make it back to the Darrington Press team. :slight_smile:

There doesn’t seem to be a range, so, yes, atm, I would say you can hit someone at very far range. However, you do seem to have misread the effect, as you are to pick one of those three options. So, you could pull someone to you, OR do 3d6 in a line to everyone in the way (assuming they fail their reactions), not both. You may not use this spell to move away from the target - only bring it to you, or yourself to it, and only if you select that option.

You always Restrain the target, regardless of your selection, assuming you hit.

Over all, this is a decent battle field control spell for it’s level, with: a second control aspect, a mediocre damage option, or an excellent mass damage attack (for it’s level), if you can get the enemies to line up right. Which, thanks to Restrain and Very Far range, you can actually do by yourself pretty easily, assuming the GM doesn’t have the Fear to stop you. and that’s without any other forms of synergy or companion assistance.

personally, the only thing I’d change is option 3’s damage - to 2d6+spell stat. that lowers the overall damage initially, since that’s probably 2d6+3, and raises it’s reliability into endgame, where you are looking at a 2d6+5, which should, at least, still guarantees 1 hit point on the cast across the classes except Guardian, and maybe 2 on the squishier ones, while still being a pretty good battle field control spell that is worth using at level 10 (min 7 damage is way more palatable at level 10 than 3 damage, which every class laughs off at that point, and 12 is likely to still do hp damage to everyone except Guardians, while a 10 misses half the classes at level 10)