Saturday 6:30pm pst: DAGGERHEART The New Shores, looking for potentially 2 more

Welcome to the New Shores! A world on the verge of a magical renaissance through the use of magic-conducting crystals called Aether. Unbekownst to the world, ancient beings are stirring and preparing for war. What will you do? Stop them? Side with them? We’ll have to find out will we?

In other news, aether is a highly coveted resource as it is used for a wide variety of things. From heating homes, powering special weapons, granting abilities to mechanical limbs, or even powering ship engines!

We are currently a group of 3, looking to fill out our current team of people. If you think you’ll fit into this, make sure to add the answer this math problem incorrectly in your application: 5+5=?.

A couple of notes:
New players are absolutely welcome.
This is primarily a narrative campaign, but if the players want something specific, we can taylor to that.
I do not like murderhobos, ‘one-man-armies’ or table dictators/rules lawyers. We’re all here to have fun and Daggerheart is new, lets relax and have a good time.
18+ only please.

To apply, please tell me:

Your name:
Preferred pronouns (if any):
TTRPG experience (none required):
What kind of character you like to play:
What kind of game you’d enjoy (exploration, combat focused, intrigue, narrative, etc.):
Something about you:

Your name: Sam
Preferred pronouns (if any): She/Her
Age: 32
TTRPG experience (none required): 6ish years D&D 5e only
What kind of character you like to play: I like playing half casters or rogues but I’m pretty open.
What kind of game you’d enjoy (exploration, combat focused, intrigue, narrative, etc.): narrative (again pretty open)
Something about you: my favorite color is orange and I prefer to take notes by hand

the math problem answer is 11

my discord: .sam.x

Your name: Mike

Preferred Pronouns (if desired): He/Him

Age (must be at least 18): 49

TTRPG experience (none required): Very little. Played some D&D about 30 years ago, but I’ve only played MMORPGs in recent years.

What kind of character you like to play: Many/Any/All. Since becoming interested in DH (and watching CR test/play on YouTube), I’ve only made 7 characters of various classes (I’m a bit of an alt-oholic). I’m interested to play each of them. Basically, I believe that I could fill in any gap (if needed) in the team.

Preferred campaign style (exploration, fights, intrigue, etc.): Roleplaying, Exploring, Stories, Interacting with other players, Poking things with a stick, Phat Lewtz. Ya know, the usual.

Something about you: I’m less of a nerd than I like to think I am, but more of a geek than your average techie. I live in Michigan (EST). I’m a smartass, a dumbass, and a jackass all packed into one squishy bag of water and dust.

Clearly, the math answer is 33.5 quarks.

Your name: Queenie
Preferred pronouns (if any): she/her
Age: 32
TTRPG experience (none required): Couple years of D&D 5e experience ~
What kind of character you like to play: I prefer to play a support role of some kind, but I’m also comfy being a fill-in tbh! Archetype-wise, I like to play Group Mom/Older Sister types but I’m open to being something different too.
What kind of game you’d enjoy (exploration, combat focused, intrigue, narrative, etc.): I really love narrative, RP-heavy campaigns. Exploration & intrigue definitely appeal to me. I’m not the quickest with combat but I’m comfortable enough with 5e rules for it. :slight_smile: It might just take me a little bit to get used to the Daggerheart rules.
Something about you: I’m a geeky crafter, professional photographer, LARPer, I’m a woman of a hundred hobbies really! I’ve been watching CR for a few years and I’m an even bigger fan of Dimension 20 & NADDPOD. I like to infuse a bit of comedy into my play style, but I also value serious moments and sincere character development.

If y’all are still looking for someone, I’d love to join & learn as I go! 5+5=0

@DregnRyder @magicalb1tchqueenie Hello! I appreciate your interest in the game! I want to discuss the game and see if you’d fit our group well. Please send me a friend request on Discord so we can chat: brenpeter