Scroll bars missing

Apparently my browser window was not a size you checked very much: creating a character, the ‘save character sheet’ button was almost entirely below the bottom of the window and no scrollbars let me reach it. I had to resize to get at it. However, I like how the tool seems to work and the overall feel. You’ve been doing a great job!

Thanks for reporting! Could you do me a massive favor, and on the same device (and the zoom you were at when you could not see it) go to this site and tell me the resolution you were at.

(as well as what browser and device you were using)

1401x753, roughly. (I’m afraid I resized after testing it, and put it back to something close.) I’m using Opera GS at the momment, on a Win10 PC. Sorry, should have thought of that!

I’ll add that any height below 734px hides the ‘save changes’ button. Without any indicator that it can scroll, it took me a little while to figure out what to do.

Whew…this was a tough one to unravel, but I think I got it fixed. We appreciate the report and let us know if that didn’t do it or you catch anything else.


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