Scrolling Issues and Languages in Character Builder

Hi Dev Team !
Let me start off by sayig I love where you’re going with the interface . The presentation is neat and polished for the most part. I do find scrolling the skills menus annoying because it stops at a certain point rather than allowing you to scan all the way to the bottom unless you click on a skill to expand it.
The same thing occurs when I’m scrolling through the other items column at the end and I can’t get to the campaign notes. Perhaps this is a screen resolution thing I have my laptop set at. I’m also wondering where the language tab is at! I love to confound players trying to resolve issues by negotiation by ensuring they can speak in the appropriate language but there doesn’t appear to be a slot for them. Another thing you’re adding in a later build I hope? Just a thought!

Keep up the good work!

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I had the same question about where to list languages! Thanks for asking.

Thanks so much for the feedback! The scrolling issue is one I can reproduce on my end, and it has been logged.

Languages are still in development, but don’t worry–we definitely have them planned as we continue down the alpha!