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Hey Folks, there’s a bunch to love about Demiplane, and I’m confident you will deliver an even better experience when you leave early access. Having said that, please ensure that as a minimum searching in the Pathfinder 2E Nexus provides the same quality of experience as 2E AoN. Currently, it does not - even with all rulebooks purchased doing a simple search on say, “Avoid Notice” provides many irrelevant results and does not provide the result I need.

I also find it quite cumbersome to get from the landing page into the book I want to read - if there was an easy way to skip the “You’re on Nexus here are all of the games we support” step that would be a good start. Also, I’m a multiple tabs person; please allow for right-clicking on the demiplane logo and choosing open in a new tab.


Welcome to the forums! I’m sure we will see functionality improvements as they grow and sand the edges, but I agree the searching needs a little help.

As to your other point, how are you doing it? I have the Pathfinder Nexus bookmarked, or I Google “pathfinder nexus” and it jumps me right there, then it’s just menu button>my library. That seems incredibly simple to me, but maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean.

Absolutely a bookmark helps - I just don’t use bookmarks much anymore - and I never have cause to regret that except here (ok I’m sure there are other sites but it’s not a common occurrence).

Type demiplane in search bar
Sign In
Land on “My Groups”
Click Nexus in navbar
Click Pathfinder
Click Digital Reader
Click Core Rulebook
Click View Source (Or a section header if I want to go there directly)
Click Option in Navigation Menu

Would be nice to be more like this:

Type demiplane in search bar
Sign In (if not already)
Having previously been in Pathfinder, land there (or having specified it as a favourite or default)
Choose Digital Reader
Click Core Rulebook
Click Option in Navigation Menu

I’m not sure why your are searching demiplane is my point. If you want to go directly to say the Pathfinder nexus, you literally search “pathfinder nexus” and it’s the first result, opening to that nexus, not the demiplane group.

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Yes, unsurprisingly, typing out “pathfinder nexus” produces a shortcut result. But I typically only have to type max four characters to get any desired result. As it happens not much starts with Demi, but many things in my search history start with Path. You’ve provided two functional solutions to my problem and I appreciate that - yet it is a tough fight to get between a man and his habitual laziness.

Haha, right there with you buddy, I totally get it. I might be looking ay things with a bit of rose colored glasses due to being so pumped for the character tool. Pathfinder has been good but as a GM it’s lacking a lot that I’m excited about with Nexus.

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What we have now for search is definitely a starting point - you can expect to see dramatic improvements in how it functions before we leave Early Access.

It will be a focus once we get the character tools into alpha and beta. While we are collecting feedback on those, the team will move to refining search.



I’m glad to see this was brought up. I absolute love the Vampire early access, but I find searching very cumbersome. It’s currently to the point that if I don’t know where the content I’m looking for is, I’ll just wait to search it after our game rather than looking for it during the game. Honestly though, amazing stuff so far and I love everything you’re doing. I’m so pleased to hear that the search functions will dramatically improve. What I would personally love to see is being able to choose which books to search a topic from (especially useful when I know what book a topic is in, but my search results are inundated with similar topics from other books).

Thank you for doing all this - you’re all amazing!

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Welcome to the forums! That’s a great idea for a search feature.

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Just wanted to add to the voices here about search. Currently it is kind of terrible.

Example: I was trying to find the frightened condition earlier with one of my players as we talked about his new character build. We tried every search term possible to find it by just using the search bar and it only brought up classes and features. So instead, I had to click ‘Sources’ and select the core rule book, then I had to click “View Source”, then I had to scroll down to find CONDITIONS APPENDIX and click that, and then finally I was able to control+F search “frightened” to find it.

Alternatively, I could have gone to pf2easy, typed “frightened” and seamlessly found the condition.

I know this is all early access, this is just feedback. My players can’t use a tool during a session if they can’t easily navigate and search.


I’m having this exact issue! Sometimes I have to go back to AoN to find some quick terms like Skill Actions and such. We need search for Actions, Reactions, Skill Actions…etc. I don’t want to find 200 results just to figure out what “Intimidation” does.

The spell search on pf2easy is better. The demiplane search is missing range and targets (self, group, target…etc).

I second all the opinions above, I also faced these search issues. PLEASE dedicate time to improve this to be on par or better than the free sources!


Just came to say the same so ditto and fix it please. It’s so hard to find the book I am looking for and the library botton just made me have it as a side bar now? is that a bug? (the book appeared in the side bar insted of it open up in a new tab)


We know that the search functionality needs some love, so that’s pretty high on our list of priorities after character tools launch. We also plan to go back and show some love to the tools within the Voice/Video call groups that you mentioned aldosama.

We won’t fully launch the NEXUS out of early access until the search functionality is ready for primetime. :slight_smile:


Yeah im sorry, search is not useful for me at all at this point—i need to be able search on a term like “falling damage”, and jump to that part of the book exactly not the top.

I agree - as we mention earlier in this thread, search as it is out there now is an initial starting point, so it’s not going to meet expectations (definitely not for us, but likely not for many out there).

As I shared before:

With the Open Beta for character tools coming the first half of this year, it won’t be too much longer before Search improvements get more focus. Thanks!