Season of Ghosts Adventure Path - Support Thread

Just in time for the spooky season and the dark winter that follows, explore Season of Ghosts! Set in Tian Xia, this adventure path brings a unique setting with an impeccable cast of characters and creatures for you to explore. …Good luck!

If you encounter any issues with the Season of Ghosts adventure path, please let us know in this thread.

Titles in this Adventure Path

00 - Player’s Guide
01 - The Summer That Never Was
02 - Let the Leaves Fall
03 - No Breath to Cry (Preorder)
04 - To Bloom Below the Web (Preorder)

Known Issues

  • An additional rule for Backgrounds is included for characters made with this adventure, allowing them to choose different benefits by establishing a connection to another character. At this time we do not support this option in the builder, but you should be able to add any benefits directly to your sheet!

The second adventure in this path is now available on Demiplane! And if you’re wondering if it’s amazing or not, just go ahead and drop into the creature listing on Pathfinder NEXUS and look for Bakeneko. I rest my case.

Enjoy, and let us know if there are any issues that need our attention!


I’m convinced.

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