Season of Ghosts Player's Guide Apparent Error

It looks like Paizo swapped the feats for the Close Ties and Southbank Traditionalist backgrounds. It doesn’t make sense for the charisma-based background (Close Ties) to get Specialty Crafting while the intelligence-based background gets Hobnobber.

I’ve mentioned this on the Paizo forums. Hopefully I’ll have an answer soon… but be ready, because this one is pretty obvious once you see it.

According to James at Paizo, it is intentional. I find it odd since the other backgrounds have complimentary feats and skills associated with them, whereas these two do not. I can still let my players pick if they want.

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I think it’s nice when some options push in different directions. It makes for more well rounded characters vs. one-trick optimizers.

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Appreciate you posting about this and checking with the folks at Paizo. Thanks mtakatz!