Seeing Player's PCs

With apologies, I cannot seem to find out how to locate the space where I’d see my players’ PCs. I plan on being the GM and made a number of purchases and subscribed. A friend has used my unlocked options to generate characters, but I don’t see on the player end where you’d share them with the host account (me) or how on my account I can see the characters built by my players. I created a test group, and while I can add a player, I still don’t see how the character is shared in a centralized location, as opposed to having everyone email me exported PDFS.



Character tools have not been integrated into groups yet, but it is still possible for your players to share their characters with you.

If they click their character portrait on the sheet, it will open the sheet settings sidebar. At the bottom of that sidebar, they can update their share settings and copy a link to give to you for you to look at their sheet.

In the future, it will also be possible for them to give you permission to edit your sheet, and to integrate character tools into groups, but we haven’t gotten there yet. :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much for the info.