Seeking a Brave Soul to Join Our Quest: Curse of Strahd Adventure! Sunday 12 to 3pm Est, 13 USD Per Session Weekly!

Are you prepared to confront the darkness that shrouds the land of Barovia? Our intrepid band of adventurers is in need of one more valiant hero to aid us on our perilous journey through the mists of the infamous Curse of Strahd campaign. Will you heed the call and join us in our quest to vanquish the ancient evil that looms over the land?

:european_castle: Campaign Overview: Curse of Strahd

In the shadowy realm of Barovia, a sinister force holds dominion. The land is cloaked in perpetual twilight, and the dread lord Strahd von Zarovich casts his malevolent gaze upon all who dare to enter his domain. Trapped within this realm of despair, our party of adventurers struggles against the machinations of the vampire lord and the horrors that lurk in every shadow.

:skull: What Awaits You:

Gothic Horror: Navigate the twisted streets of Barovia, where every corner may conceal a new terror and every whisper may spell doom.

Desperate Allies: Forge alliances with the haunted souls who dwell in the land, each with their own tragic tales and hidden agendas.

Epic Confrontations: Prepare to face off against Strahd himself in a climactic battle that will test your courage, cunning, and resolve.

Dark Secrets: Uncover the dark history of Barovia and unravel the mysteries that lie buried beneath its cursed soil.

Character Development: Delve into the depths of your character’s psyche as they confront their fears, desires, and inner demons in the face of overwhelming darkness.

:game_die: Who We’re Seeking:

Daring Adventurers: Players who are unafraid to stare into the abyss and challenge the darkness that threatens to consume us all.

Collaborative Team Players: Individuals who understand the value of cooperation and teamwork in the face of overwhelming odds.

Roleplay Enthusiasts: Those who relish the opportunity to immerse themselves in character and bring the haunted denizens of Barovia to life.

D&D Veterans: Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of countless campaigns or a newcomer looking to experience the thrill of Gothic horror for the first time, all are welcome!

:date: Session Details:

Frequency: Weekly Sunday 12 to 3pm Est

Platform: [Virtual Tabletop Platform - Roll20, Discord / Dnd Beyond

DM: A seasoned Dungeon Master with a passion for weaving tales of darkness and despair.

:new_moon: How to Join:

If you dare to brave the mists of Barovia and join us on our quest to confront the dread lord Strahd, then send us a message expressing your interest. Share a bit about yourself, your experience with D&D, and the character you envision bringing to life in the land of shadows.

Will you be the one to tip the scales in our favor and lead us to victory over the darkness that threatens to consume us all? The fate of Barovia hangs in the balance, and your courage may be the key to our salvation. :european_castle::sparkles:

If you are interested, please contact me we are currently 6 months into the adventure, and seeking 1 more player.

Link: for all our recorded games