Session recording

I’d love to be able to record my sessions if I start using Demiplane. That is the main reason I have been sticking with Zoom. Is the ability to record sessions a featuer that is planned?


Hello and thanks for posting!

We do not currently have a recording feature planned for the short or mid term, but that can certainly change if we see enough community demand for it.

We’ll keep monitoring to see if others are looking for it and provide updates if we have them.


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I put my vote in

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I understand this is not the ideal solution. However, feel its worth mentioning that you can record the webpage using OBS studio. Possibly the best option until demand gets high enough for a built in solution. That’s what my group tends to do.


I quickly get overwhelmed trying to figure out OBS.

Hopefully, this will help you with OBS setup, I’ve put together a PDF of how to set it up, if you don’t know much about computers it’ll walk through it all. If you know what you’re doing with a computer but not OBS, then you’ll fly through it in a matter of minutes.

Recording Demiplane with OBS

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I am also interested in recording my sessions.