Sharing characters?

I created a group and invited players. Is there no way for the players to share their characters with each other and myself in the group? Am I just somehow missing how to do this? I’ve looked everywhere in the UI and can’t figure it out.

Thanks any help anyone can give.


Our focus for the past several months has been on creating the best content and character experience we can for the games we support, and that will continue for a bit longer. That means adventure portals and groups are due some updates, including integration with the character tools, and that’s in the pipeline.

In the meantime, you can share characters with anyone directly via a link or QR code by using the character menu (click your portrait, or name to open it). Under there, you can update the sharing permissions and generate the link for others to see the character.

We’ll share more when we get to the groups tweaks - we’re looking forward to it.


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Hello, thanks for the response!

Is the same true for the ability to export character sheets to pdf? Is that a feature coming later, because I can’t find how to do that either.

Yes - exporting to a PDF is on our short term roadmap. We’ll share more as we get there.