Show Only Relevant Books in Library


You know what would be useful? If I could mark some of the items in My Library as relevant to me, either in general or within my created group.

Use case: So I have created a group for my Avatar Legends campaign, and there, in Adventure Tools → My Library I have all that stuff, all the Mutants and Pathfinders and Year Zeros that I have to browse through before I pick one of the Avatar books.

If I had the Avatar books starred or tagged or something, then picking them in Group Adventure Tools would be that much faster!

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Seems like a good idea


That’s a neat idea. We’ll have to do some exploration to see what might make sense for us to do something like this.


For my use case, I’d like to not share the adventure path books for my pf2e campaign. If there was a way to turn off sharing of select sources, per group, and per account, that would be very useful.

I believe they already stated that possibly later on, but likely not because if someone wants to cheat and find the information they will.

Yes, we plan to incorporate the ability to pick and choose what titles you share. That will roll out at a later date. However we didn’t want to wait for that to be ready in order to launch content sharing, because it’s a useful feature that a lot of folks had been asking about. :slight_smile:


It’s not just about malicious access to spoilers. if you are looking up magic items, you’ll see all the unique items from the adventures, as well as the unique archetypes.

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I’d consider those spoilers, not just plot… I get your point though, and I do see this as being valuable if implemented.

I second this and would like to expand a bit by saying that it would be great to also see a number of your selected books in the dropdown “sources” menu at the top, to make “active” sourcebooks and adventure paths even easier to access from any page of the Nexus


I’d say… at least the ability to sort your sources however you want would be a great possible future idea.

You could sort it in a way the OP describes. Set up a game prep sort… any books you need prepped for that game can be put there.

Or maybe you want to be even more OCD with your book lists (using Pathfinder as an example)… set up geographical books in one part… organization books in another… equipment books in another… etc…

Basically the ability to customize the source list.

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I really like the idea of tags. That is an idea that I had not thought of, and would be useful in a lot of different ways. I am all for it!


late to the party, but yes please