"Shut up and take my króna!" - Buying books on Demiplane from Iceland

Me and my group are transitioning from 5e to Pf2 because of the OGL scandal.

I have relied on DDB for my character and keeping notes for the group’s campaign.
Demiplane seems like the right place to continue our adventure.

However, when I tried to buy books from Demiplane earlier today, I couldn’t get through because Iceland isn’t included on the list of available countries in the checkout field.

There aren’t a lot of us here in land of ice and snow, but the general feeling within the Icelandic RPG community is to continue adventuring with Pathfinder.

So, how do I give Demiplane and Paizo money so they can continue their fine work?

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Hello and welcome!

The countries displayed are what our payment provider natively supports, but any country can be chosen to complete the transaction…feel free to complete the transaction with any of them. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to that family of pathfinder

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