Skill Training difficulties - Character creation

Some points after creating first Character - fighter lvl 3.

  1. General feat - While selecting a general feat, the arrows at the bottom of page to navigate forward and back work, but if i try to select a specific page it does not navigate to that page, but it hightlights the selected number, making it seem the selection was accepted.

  2. Skill Increases - While picking a skill increase, it was not immediately obvious to me that i could ‘increase’ an already selected feat.

    Suggestion: The usable +/- boxes could be highlighted in BLUE, in line with feats that have not yet been selected, but are available.
    The current usable boxes are highlighted in a white line - however the user’s (or my) attention is immediately drawn to the larger blue boxes of other feats, making it seem like improving an already selected one is not an option right now.

  3. Skill Increases - When increasing a feat from 1/4, to 2/4 at level 3, i was unable to take the level back down to 1/4 and re-apply my feat point elsewhere.

Wonderful work though - appreciate the opportunity to feedback.

Thanks for the feedback!

To follow up on this - if I for example I create a level 1 character:

  • Ancestry: Human
  • Skilled Heritage: Medicine
  • Background: Martial Disciple
  • Skill Training: Acrobatics
  • Skill Feat: Cat’s Grace
  • Class: Monk
  • Skill Training: Athletics, Crafting, Deception, Nature, Survival

I can then remove Acrobatics, it took it away from my Skilled Heritage. I set SKilled Heritage back to Medicine by deselecting Medicine, and adding it back. Then went back to Skills, deselected Acrobatics, and this time it deselected it from Martial Disciple. If I continued this character through to level 5 it gets worse - however the sheet is tracking Skill selections is not 100% accurate.

An additional issue is that the Human Skilled Heritage does not seem to increate the selected Skill to Expert at level 5.

Perhaps on the list of skills, find a way to show or denote where a given skill came from (which will also improve the back-end tracking)?

Thanks for this additional information. Your thorough notes help!