Skills bugs and general feedback

Hey, just getting this written down now so I don’t forget to report. I’m using Chrome 108.0.5359.125, Windows 10 desktop, and I’ve seen 2 bugs with skills:

  1. Skills trained by Ancestry are not marked as such and can be removed. Once they’re gone they can’t be added back. Example, I took the Dwarven Lore feat and was then able to remove/untrain the dwarven lore skill. After that the button was greyed out so I couldn’t train it again.

  2. I’m seeing a few blank skills appearing; when I train one I train them all, same when I remove them. I checked the graphql data fetched for the character (in dev tools) and they all have the same id, which is presumably why they’re all in sync. They don’t appear on the character sheet.

I’ve also seen a few smaller things:

After I’ve selected my Ancestry, let’s say Dwarf: if I go to the Ancestry section I see Dwarf Details is selected from the Ancestry Options, and there’s information about dwarves in the box to the right. However if I actually click on the Dwarf Details option, the content in the box vanishes. I can recover it by going to another section and then back to Ancestry.

On the character sheet, my character’s name is black, on a near black background. Presumably this is all going to change though

I have a tracker blocker, Privacy Badger, which is blocking a lot of domains, including onesignal/.com and cdn.onesignal/.com. Though, I turned it off and it didn’t seem to make a difference to things like load times or responsiveness. I can check more thoroughly if you like.

The slowness of the page is definitely coming from scripts, I see CPU usage for this page up to 126% in the chrome tsk manager. I’m curious, would you benefit from capturing things like performance or console messages?

Thanks for the feedback, this is all helpful as we track down bugs. I suspect that performance data will be valuable to us when we get to that stage, but our first priority is to get all of the necessary features working. From there, we’ll really be focusing on performance improvements, response times, etc. :slight_smile:

More feedback, on the character sheet:

I filled in all the text fields in the Details tab. When I reloaded the page, all the content had been removed except the letter ‘c’ under alignment (I had entered ‘chaotic good’ as my first entry)
I then wrote ‘short string’ in the ‘other notes’ field, and navigated away from the page and back again. The text changed to ‘shorent’

That was interesting. With network activity open I can see that graphql ‘updateCharacter’ requests are sent on every change. After some experimenting, it seems that when I typed too fast, the queries stopped being sent and no further changes were saved. I believe ‘shorent’ came from me making a correction after a mis-type

That’s very interesting. Thanks for sharing!