Sky King's Tomb Adventure Path - Support Megathread

An adventure path full of discovery and the unearthing of the past, head into sprawling dwarven cities and even farther underground in a three-part adventure path.

If you encounter any issues with the Sky King’s Tomb adventure path, please let us know in this thread.

Titles in this Adventure Path

00 - Player’s Guide
01 - Mantle of Gold
02 - Cult of the Cave Worm
03 - Heavy is the Crown


Please review as time permits

Sky King’s Tomb Cult of the Cave Worm \ Chapter 2: On the trail of the worm \ traveling up and out \ whisper stream \ Low 6 \ … Before Giant Crayfish (4)

showing " Failed to Render Compendium Component " and “Invalid Config for SplitHeader Component”

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve passed it along to the team. :slight_smile:

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This should be resolved now!

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Thanks for the help

Heavy is the Crown, the final adventure in the Sky King’s Tomb path, is now available!

Please note that we’re encountering issues with Paizo Connect for this title, but are working to get it fixed. We appreciate your patience as we get that sorted so you can get your Paizo Connect discount or Paizo PDF.

Edit: The issue has now been resolved!


Blood Bomb is missing its ranged attack action and damages

If time allows, could you please look into this? Thank you for all you do for us.

Shield Archons - The regenerate spell link shows “under construction”

I found it when playing in this AP

In Heavy is the Crown Chapter 3 Taargick’s Legacy \ Taargick’s Tomb \ G2 \

I’ve passed both of these along to the team and they’re being looked at. :slight_smile:


Where specifically are you not seeing this?

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Hi Mr. Simons.

It was in the skill & actions, actions & activities part of the sheet, in the range attacks section. But now the attack action is there.

Blood Bomb


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I’m glad to see it’s working as expected now! :slight_smile:

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All fixed. Thanks Demiplane :+1:

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