Small Dagger secondary weapon question

I wanted to check if I am using the small dagger secondary weapon correctly. I have it paired with a Returning Blade as my primary. If I am in Melee range and using the Returning Blade (not throwing it), I assume I can add the +2 damage from the Small Dagger on a successful hit?

If so, it seems I have to manually add the +2 when using the tool to do the roll, and mentally keep track of how much is magical and how much is physical?


(Related Feature Request - Some way to indicate/track the damage type) :slight_smile:

That would be my understanding, yes! If you’re consistently using a weapon in Melee and want that damage automatically calculated, you can click/tap on the Returning Blade in your primary slot, and then click the “Settings” coghweel on the top right of the sidebar. In there, you can switch the range to Melee, which should then automatically grant it any bonuses you get to melee attacks or damage.

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