Smarter Search

Currently search capability of the site is lacking to be practical. For example, I was looking for some keywords for rule clarification.

It returned the latest books and no relevant (what I was looking for) in first several pages i.e. nothing on those pages were even from Core Rulebook.

A few suggestions are:

  1. Filters based/priority based on what we own.
  2. Manual filters - Allow us to perhaps set filters to our liking.
  3. Categorical filters - Core rulebooks, Monsters etc.
  4. In book search - If I have my book opened, perhaps just by default return results from that book first. Then optionally, suggest other references?
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Just to give an example of just how bad this really is, let’s try searching for “Precision Damage”. This is a real world example, as it came up during our game last night. For the record, what I’m trying to find is the side bar on Damage Types found in the Damage section of Chapter 9 of the CRB.

Searching for “precision damage”, with quotes, gives 129 pages of results, with only 6 results per page, which is roughly 774 results. However, given the highlighted entries on the first page, it’s clear that it’s actually searching for entries with “precision” and “damage” in them, despite me trying to search for just the phrase “precision damage”.

Pages 1 through 3 of the results contain an eclectic collection of stat blocks, equipment entries, etc.
Page 4 has the first chapter page, but it’s chapter 6.
Hilariously, page 5 contains entries from the Glossary and Index section, what I’d typically use to find what I’m looking for in the print version.
Page 6 includes a few results from Chapter 11.
Pages 8 through 12 are entirely filled with results from Chapter 10.
At the top of page 13, we find a result from Chapter 9, which does actually point to the section I was looking to find.

Additionally, none of the results are actual “web links”, so I can’t open a result in another tab to check to see if it’s what I’m looking for. And if I go back to the results page, it resets everything back to page 1.

I noticed much the same trying to find information on negative damage.
For my search I found what I needed in the compendium, after going to “spells section” then searching for negative damage.

I couldn’t find the precision damage from the basic search either (I have bought the core manual on demiplane). Early access can be a bumpy road.

Keep up the good work.


Sorry bout the caps, but if you search that you’ll find what you’re looking for.
It’s a finicky thing to find via search. Just try doing it on the adobe raw pdf.

I hope they can some how make that type of search more intuitive.

Jumping in here to say that search is in no way a complete feature at this stage in Early Access.

We have it there learning right now, but we will be implementing all the search term rules, etc. as we get closer to launch.

So not saying you can’t share any feedback you have about Search, but we will start looking into it once the feature is ready for prime time. We’ll share more on that as we get there.



Fantastic. I just needed the confirmation. :grinning:

Keep up a great work!