Some beginner questions

I’m just poking around here to see what this is.

I’m a TTRPG system designer and I’m trying to figure out what this platform does and how well it does it, but I’m not finding a lot of resources that explain directly what the platform is.

At first glance it looks like a character builder app with a storefront for some select popular games.

I can’t really even tell if this is just a character builder set being sold or the full texts with character integration built in, there’s not really a good quick intro anywhere that I’ve come across that explains any of this.

With that said, I’m not really seeing any native VTT or VTT integration, is that something on the list, or not really a market looking to be served?

Is there any support for SRDs/Wikis?

I’m just not sure what kinds of solutions are provided here or what is on the roadmap.

Any directions or information much appreciated, thanks!

Not part of the developer team, just another interested user.

Demiplane provides a way to build characters for (most of) the games it supports, along with a way to read the game materials (if you’ve purchased said materials), and a way to sort available game components, such as spells, monsters, feats, etc.

I don’t believe native VTT is on the roadmap, but I would imagine some sort of integration hooks into other VTTs might be possible.

The 5e SRD is one of those game materials that is accessible (and you don’t need to buy anything to get to it, since it is free, just like some of the Pathfinder intro material).

Of course, as someone who does independent design as well as work for publishers, I’d love an open marketplace for systems of all sorts to be available here, but I’m certain there’s a lot of backend stuff required to get each Nexus working and it might never be really open, like you can publish a PDF with other venues without much overhead at all.

I am very interested in expanding the 5e Nexus, since supporting 3rd party publishers was the stated goal there, and I think that might be the way forward for any sort of independent developer being able to leverage Demiplane, but that seems to have stalled (at least from the outside looking in).

Hopefully someone official will be by to let us know more!


Hello! I am a part of the Demiplane Team.

Demiplane is a digital companion for many TTPRGs such as Pathfinder, Alien, Avatar Legends, and more! We have digital libraries, toolsets, and other services that allow you to discover and play games!

To continue what Zedturtle was saying, as a part of the toolsets, we have character builders & sheets as well as compendiums that break the supported games down into searchable listings. Not all of our supported games have character builders & sheets yet, but they will in the future.

We do have support for SRDs such as the 5e SRD and the Year Zero Engine SRD!

Digital Companion:

  • Game Compendiums
    • Game mechanics are broken up into searchable listings (such as creatures, items, classes, etc)
  • Digital Readers
    • Supported system’s books in an accessible digital format with links and tooltips that make reading and learning games super easy!
  • Character Management
    • Build and progress characters in the builders
    • Interactive digital character sheets

We are not a VTT and do not plan to create an in-house VTT. Instead, we plan to develop APIs and work with established VTTs in the future.

To touch a little on the 5e NEXUS, we launched into Early Access with the initial group of partnered publishers, like Kobold Press and Ghostfire Gaming, and worked first to get their content in our digital reader and game compendium! We are working on adding character tools and building a homebrew system.

We will share more details as we get closer to both of these things.