Some bugs and issues, first time using the software

So far using the character tools, I’ve run into the following bugs/issues.

  1. When you attempt to rename the character when creating it, if you fully delete the character name, as soon as the name is deleted, the first name will reappear in the name box, and the cursor will move to end of the name.
  2. When choosing a background, there is no scrollbar, took me a min to realize when I changed to the second page, that there were more items above the currently topmost item in the list.
  3. Trying to revert all changes back to start should be possible, but it appears that parts stick around even if no longer accessible, should be able to remove choices during initial character creation without having to delete character entirely.
  4. Selected a skill to be trained, then unselected it, was unable to reselect the skill.

That is what I’ve so far run into, will work some more and see what else I find. Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback!