Some Bugs and QOL improvements (Post01)

Here is a list I was putting together as I was trying to “break” the creator. I also have some supporting images as well if that would help. Using Brave Browser latest version.

Pathfinder nexus bugs / improvements.

  1. (BUG) No option to change background once selected. (See fig 01a and 01b)
  2. (BUG)When purchasing the digital Core Rule Book, the unlock options didn’t become available. After refresh, the options appeared as $1.99 individual options to purchase. Logged out and closed the character creator and relaunched. Options became unlocked.
  3. (QOL)The “add item” button at the bottom on the character sheet, scrolling down to it as your item list becomes longer becomes burdensome.
  4. (QOL)Adding a filter when searching items would be useful, ie magical, common, etc…
  5. (QOL) When searching to add items, being able to close the search item menu by clicking off menu would be an improvement. (See fig 01c)
  6. (QOL) In features and traits, you can not switch between tabs when tab details are open.
  7. (BUG) A copied character icon and name are not copied on the character select screen when copying a character. (See Fig 01d)
  8. (BUG) Clicking on “Skilled Heritage – Skill Training” multiple times causes the “Skill Training” list to keep duplicating. (See fig 02a)

Thanks for sharing this! :slight_smile: