Some love and appreciation from a Vampire Storyteller

With the Demiplane release of Chicago by Night and Cult of the Blood Gods, I now have all of the most important books that I reference most frequently in one place. Antagonists, powers, compulsions, rules references… keeping everything in one environment has been a godsend. Additionally, the more I use Demiplane, the more comfortable I am navigating sourcebooks here (it took me way too long to notice the little red icon in the lower left that helps you navigate the book you have open—that thing changed everything!).

So far, this experience is exactly what I was hoping for when I signed up for Demiplane, and the content sharing has made it very easy to share entries with my players mid-game. Absolutely wonderful. The coming character-creation tools will be icing on the cake for a tool that I’ve come to rely on almost exclusively to run my Vampire the Masquerade games.


Thanks for the kind words, and it make me even happier to think this is just the beginning.

We’re truly excited to see how Vampire, Hunter (and Werewolf when it comes) NEXUS come together in 2023 - can’t wait!


I came here because of all the OGL stuff, I’ve been playing D&D and VtM with my friends for about 2 years now and I had NO IDEA that VtM and Pathfinder had this kind of link up! This is so cool to find out that I could be doing everything all in one place, learning one website/one system and get to play a variety of games in different genres and styles. I am so stoked to discover all of this exists, it makes the drama that Wizards is causing with all their nonsense not sting quite so bad to find this whole world over here to explore and discover.

Thanks Paizo, the WotC refugees appreciate it!

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Oh this is an excellent point. I hope more WoTC refugees will find a comfortable haven here. V5 is my absolute favourite RPG. I hope the system treats you well. :grin: